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MBA Entrance Test Papers - Others
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IIT-D Part Time MBA
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Section IV: Business Awareness

91. Which bank introduced the first ATM in India?


B. State Bank of India

C. Citibank

D. Bank of America

92. SSE Composite Index belongs to which of the following countries?

A. South Korea

B. Japan

C. Indonesia

D. China

93. Budgetary deficit does NOT take into account

A. revenue deficit

B. capital budget deficit

C. balance of payment deficit

D. interest payment on public debt

94. The rate of exchange at equilibrium is one that maintains

A. the balance between imports and exports

B. the balance of payments at equilibrium over a certain period.

C. the balance of payments at equilibrium with domestic deflationary policy.

D. satisfactory foreign exchange reserve at the disposal of the monetary authority.

95. What does SIM stand for in mobile phone industry?

A. Subscriber Identification and Membership

B. Subscriber Identification Module

C. Subscriber Identity Module

D. Subscriber Identity Management

96. Supply of money remaining the same, when there is an increase in demand for money, there will be

A. a fall in the level of prices

B. an increase in the rate of interest.

C. a decrease in the rate of interest.

D. an increase in the level of income and employment.

97. Which Indian business group has a joint venture with Mitsubishi for cars?

A. Tata

B. Birla

C. Reliance

D. Mahindra

98. Neutrality of money implies that a given increase in the money supply will

A. increase all prices in the same proportion.

B. increase all prices in different proportions.

C. decrease all prices in the same proportion.

D. not change prices at all.

99. Java the computer language was invented by


B. Microsoft

C. SUN Microsystems


100. Where M is money supply, i is rate of interest, and I is investment, the correct likely sequence would be:

A. M decrease, i goes down, I goes down, GNP goes down.

B. M decrease, i goes up, I goes down, GNP goes down.

C. M decrease, i goes up, I goes up, GNP goes up.

D. M goes up, i goes up, I goes up, GNP goes up.

101. Which French Bank was recently in the news for a $7.1 billion rogue trade fraud?

A. Barclays

B. Societe Generale

C. Credit Agricole

D. Banque de France

102. In a flexible exchange rate system, an increase in the domestic interest rate would tend to

A. improve the current account and worsen the capital account.

B. improve the current and capital accounts.

C. worsen both the accounts.

D. worsen the current account and improve the capital account.

103. Open market operations refer to

A. borrowing by scheduled banks from the RBI.

B. Lending by commercial banks to the industry and trade.

C. Purchase and sale of government securities by the RBI.

D. Deposit mobilization.

104. In India, the main source of national income is

A. Agriculture sector

B. Manufacturing sector

C. Services sector

D. Foreign sector

105. In which of the following situations should a country pursue a cheap monetary policy?

A. Balance of Trade is unfavorable.

B. Prices are rising.

C. Gold is likely to flow out of the country.

D. Budget deficit is high.

106. What is "Near money"?

A. Money held in local currency

B. Money held in foreign currency

C. Money that is easily convertible to cash

D. Money in the nearest bank.

107. Vodafone has entered the Indian mobile phone services market by acquiring a stake in

A. Spicetel

B. Idea

C. Hutchison Essar

D. Tata Teleservices

108. Which of the following asset management companies does not offer a Gold ETF in India?

A. UTI Mutual Fund

B. Kotak Mahindra

C. Benchmark Asset Management Company

D. State Bank of India

109. The MD of Pantaloon Retail India Limited is

A. Harish Biyani

B. Kishore Biyani

C. GopiKishan Biyani

D. Ved Prakash Arya

110. What is the full form of TRIP?

A. Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

B. Trade Related Intellectual Provisions

C. Trade Relations of Intellectual Property

D. Trade Relations in Intellectual Property

111. Which brand of clothing has the adline "Power dressing for the new millennium"?

A. Peter England

B. Arrow

C. Van Heusen

D. Louis Philippe

112. Which 5 Year Plan is currently going on?


B. X



113. Which of the following mergers has not taken place?

A. Deccan Kingfisher

B. Jet Sahara

C. Indian Airlines and Air India

D. Spicejet Indigo

114. The book “Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” is written by

A. Deepak Jain

B. Kotler

C. C.K. Prahalad

D. Manmohan Singh

115. Who is the current RBI governor?

A. Montek S. Ahluwalia

B. Y. V. Reddy

C. Bimal Jalan

D. C. Rangarajan

116. How many companies are included in the NIFTY?

A. 15

B. 20

C. 30

D. 50

117. Which Indian industrialist became the first Indian to get the Wharton School Dean's Medal?

A. Ratan Tata

B. Dhirubhai Ambani

C. Mukesh Ambani

D. L N Mittal

118. CIPLA was set up by

A. P.R.S. Oberoi

B. Malvinder Singh

C. Khwaja Abdul Hamied

D. Dr. S. K. Burman

119. What is the name of the merged entity of Indian Airlines and Air India?

A. Indian

B. Indian Airlines

C. Air India

D. Indigo

120. Name the index which used to detect the Bullish or Bearish trend in the stock market.

A. Advance Decline Index



D. CNX 10

< End of Business Awareness Section >