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MBA Entrance Test Papers - Others
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IIT-D Part Time MBA
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Study the following diagrams and answer questions 81-83. Diagram `A’ represents a Bombay based pharmaceutical factory of large company. Diagram ‘B’ represents a Punjab based factory of the same company. Both the units are manufacturing certain types of diagrams.

IIT-D MBA-2008-2.PNG

81. Which type of medicines show the same percentage of production in both the Bombay and Punjab units of the company?

A. Antibiotic injection

B. Vitamin tablets

C. Vitamin and iron tonics

D. Pain killer

82. Work out tonnage of vitamin tablets produced both in Bombay and Punjab factories of the company, if 2% of total production amounts to 2.7 tonnes in each factory.

A. 66.4 tonnes

B. 64.8 tonnes

C. 64.4 tonnes

D. 64.6 tonnes

83. If 25% production at each factory amounts to 2000 cases, how many cases of pain killers are produced in both units of the company?

A. 1040 cases

B. 3250 cases

C. 2160 cases

D. 3200 cases

The graph below shows sales progression of company Y 1998 to 2002. After carefully studying the graph, answer the questions 84-86.

IIT-D MBA-2008-3.PNG

84. The total sales in 2002 when compared with 1998 is

A. 130%

B. 134%

C. 230%

D. 234%

85. The increase in sales between 2001 and 2002 is

A. 60%

B. 62%

C. 76%

D. 64%

86. The percentage drop in sales between 1998 and 1999 is

A. -95.6%

B. -4.0%

C. -4.6%

D. -4.4%

The statement given below is the receipts and expenditure of a firm manufacturing soaps and detergents. Study the data given in the statement and answer the following questions 87-89.

IIT-D MBA-2008-4.PNG

IIT-D MBA-2008-5.PNG

87. Approximately what fractions of the total annual expenditure of the firm was the average yearly combined expenditure on packing materials, marketing expenditure and general over-heads?


B. 1/3

C. 1/2

D. 2/3

88. If the income from the sale of toilet soap during the given year is x, the total income during the same period is about

A. x5

B. 5x

C. 0.5x

D. x2

89. What is the correlation between refunds of loans and the indirect manufacturing costs and pension funds?

A. There is no correlation

B. Both represent expenditure

C. Both are related to employees benefits

D. Both are equal in terms of percentage and total sum.

90. Equal weights of alloys X and Y which contain zinc and tin in the proportion of 8:3 and 6:5 respectively are melted to form a third alloy Z. Z contains zinc and tin in the proportion of

A. 3:4

B. 4:7

C. 4:3

D. 7:4

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