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MBA Entrance Test Papers - Others
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IIT-D Part Time MBA
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Directions for Questions 59-60

Each of the following problems consists of a question and two statements are labelled (1) and (2). You must decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the question using the data and your knowledge of mathematics and everyday facts. Choose the correct answer from A to D as per the following guidelines, and make the appropriate marking in the answer sheet.

A. if statement (1) alone is sufficient to answer the question asked.

B. if statement (2) alone is sufficient to answer the question asked.

C. if both statements (1) and (2) together sufficient to answer the question asked, but neither statement is alone sufficient.

D. if statements (1) and (2) together are not sufficient to answer the question asked and additional data are needed.

Q 59. Qutub is the tallest Minar in Delhi. Which is the tallest structure in India?

(1) Air India building is tallest building in India.

(2) Tallest structure in India is a building.


Q 60. All state capitals in a country are sea ports. Is city X a state capital?

(1) X has 4 museums

(2) X is a sea port


< End of Analytical / Logical Reasoning Section >

Section III: Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

Answer Q 61 to 64 from the information given below in the diagram.

A= Food (25%)

B= Conveyance (12%)

C= Clothing (18%)

D= Miscellaneous (10)

E= Saving (Rest)

F= House Rent (15%)

61. If total monthly income of the family is Rs.3080/- how much amount is spent on clothing per month?

A. Rs.534

B. Rs.545

C. Rs.580

D. Rs.554

62. How much angle does the miscellaneous expenses sector make at the centre?

A. 60 degrees

B. 46 degrees

C. 36 degrees

D. 33 degrees

63. How much total expenses are incurred on food, clothing and conveyance every month?

A. Rs.1794

B. Rs.1684

C. Rs.1584

D. Rs.1694

64. How much saving per annum is made by the family?

A. Rs.7502

B. Rs.7382

C. Rs.7392

D. Rs.7902

65. A watch which gains 12 minute in a day is 12 minutes fast at 4.00 pm on Sunday. What will be the true time when the watch shows 4.00 pm on Wednesday?

A. 4.00 pm

B. 3.12 pm

C. 4.24 pm

D. 3.36 pm

66. A started business with Rs.12000. After 2 months B joined with Rs.15000, while after 4 months after commencement of business by A, C joined with Rs.20000. The profit was Rs.9080. What is the share of B?

A. 2000

B. 2800

C. 1280

D. 3000