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MBA Entrance Test Papers - Others
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IIT-D Part Time MBA
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Time: 10:00 to 12:00 Hours Maximum Marks: 120



Section-I : Verbal Communication

I. From lthe given options, identify the word or phrase which you think is nearest in meaning to the key word

1. Raiment

A. Remain

B. Entertainment

C. Clothing

D. Raindrops

2. Mien

A. Mean

B. Demeanour

C. Methodical

D. Catlike

3. Menagerie

A. Low-level work

B. Diverse Group

C. Pertaining to laborers

D. Archaic

4. Arcanum

A. Cranium

B. Mystery

C. Acidic

D. Arduous

5. Cormorant

A. Selfless

B. Huge

C. Greedy

D. Imitative

II. From the given choices, identify the word or phrase which you think is opposite in meaning to the key word

6. Censure

A. Dull

B. Star

C. Express approval

D. Prodigy

7. Recondite

A. Conducive

B. Simple to understand

C. Greedy

D. Not conducive

8. Susurration

A. Surrender

B. A whisper

C. Esurient

D. A loud noise

9. Argus-eyed

A. Extremely Careless

B. Watchful

C. Reticent

D. Agile

10. Irenic

A. Promoting conflict

B. Godly

C. Ironic

D. Containing Iron

III. Directions: The following passage is followed by five questions or unfinished statements about the passage, each with four suggested answers or ways of finishing the statements. Choose the one you think fits best.

The glade was pear-shaped, roughly a hundred yards long and fifty yards wide, with a stagnant pool of rain-water in the center of it. Deer and other game used this pool as a drinking-place and wallow and, curious to see the tracks round it, I left the path, which skirted the left-hand side of the glade and passed close under a cliff of rock which extended up to the road. As I approached the pool I saw the pug-marks of the tigress in the soft earth at the edge of the water. She had approached the pool from the same direction as I had, and, evidently disturbed by me, had crossed the water and gone into the dense tree and scrub jungle on the right-hand side of the glade. A great chance lost, for had I kept as careful a look-out in front as I had behind I should have seen her before she saw me. However, though I had missed a chance, the advantages were now all on my side and distinctly in my favour.

The tigress had seen me, or she would not have crossed the pool and hurried for shelter, as her tracks showed she had done. Having seen me, she had also seen that I was alone, and watching me from cover as she undoubtedly was, she would assume I was going to the pool to drink as she had done. My movements up to this had been quite natural, and if I could continue to make her think I was unaware of her presence, she would possibly give me a second chance. Stooping down and keeping a very sharp look-out from under my hat, I coughed several times, splashed the water about, and then, moving very slowly and gathering dry sticks on the way, I went to the foot of the steep rock. Here I built a small fire, and putting my back to the rock lit a cigarette. By the time the cigarette had been smoked the fire had burnt out. I then lay down, and pillowing my head on my left arm placed the rifle on the ground with my finger on the trigger.

11. The author left the path because

A. He wanted to see the tracks round it.

B. He wanted to skirt the left-hand side of the glade

C. He did not want to disturb the deer and other animals which were drinking there

D. He wanted to see the tracks round the pool.

12. The tigress had gone into the jungle because

A. She wanted to cross the water.

B. She had seen the author coming.

C. She had approached the pool from the same direction as the author.

D. She had left her pug marks in the soft earth at the edge of the water.

13. The author did not see the tigress before she saw him because

A. He did not keep a careful look-out behind.

B. He was not aware of her presence near the pool.

C. He did not keep a careful look-out in front

D. He crossed the pool and disappeared into the jungle.

14. The author coughed and splashed the water in order to

A. Make the tigress believe that he was unaware of her presence.

B. Keep a sharp look-out

C. Make the tigress to move away from her hiding place.

D. Make the tigress think that the author was aware of her presence.

15. The author was expecting that

A. Because of his movements the tigress would disappear into the jungle.

B. The tigress would come out of her hiding place.

C. The deer and other animals would come to drink water at the pool.

D. He would see the pug-marks of the tigress again.

IV. From the four choices, identify the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

16. Some indulgent mothers ________ their children too much.

A. Petrify

B. Condone

C. Cosset

D. Admire

17. A poor copy of the monument was erected in the count yard and many unsuspecting travellers paid homage to that ________ master piece.

A. Ersatz

B. Bold

C. Placid

D. Redolent

18. The old lady’s eyes were clean and shining set deeply in her ________ face.

A. Acrimonious

B. Malodorous

C. Wiseacre

D. Wizened

19. She was well-dressed, obviously not a _________.

A. Queen

B. Socialite

C. Luminary

D. Mendicant

20. The young management graduates worked up some optimistic projections--with a ___________ that these were speculative and should of course be tested.

A. Conundrum

B. Copyright

C. Caveat

D. Hypothesis