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181. Which of the following organizations/agencies has sought an emergency fund of '\ 1000 crore from banks to tackle acute liquid ity crisis, which is coming in the way to give loans to micro borrowers?

(a) Regional Rural & Cooperative Banks

(b) RBI

(c) Micro Finance Institutions


(e) None of the above

182. Upper limit prescribed for RTGS transaction is-

(a) 1 lac (b) 2 lac (c) 5 lac (d) 50 lac

(e) No upper limit is prescribed

183. Distribution of insurance products and insurance policies by banks as corporate agents is known as-

(a) General Insurance (b) Non-life insurance

(c) Bancassurance (d) Insurance banking

(e) Deposit insurance

184. What does the letter 'L' denote in term 'LAF as referred every now and then in relation to monetary policy of the RBI?

(a) Liquidity (b) Liability

(c) Leveraged (d) Longitudinal

(e) Linear

185. What is the full form of 'FINO' a term we see frequently in financial newspapers?

(a) Financial Investment Network and Operations

(b) Farmers' Investment in National Organisation

(c) Farmers Inclusion News and Operations

(d) Financial Inclusion Network and Operations

(e) None of the above

186. Who among the followings has been appointed as a director on board of Bank of America - the first non-American on the board of the one of the largest financial institutions in the world?

(a) Azirn Premji (b) Ratan Tata

(c) Mukesh Ambani (d) K.V Kamath

(e) Chanda Kocher

187. When the rate of inflation increases-

(a) purchasing power of money increases

(b) purchasing power of money decreases

(c) value of money increases

(d) purchasing power of money remains unaffected

(e) amount of money in circulation decreases

188. POSCO is in the process of establishing its plants in India. What does the letter 'P' denote in the name POSCO ?

(a) Popular (b) Pallin

(c) Pohang (d) Paradeep

(e) Petersburg

189. Who amongst the following has become the Chief Minister of a State in India third time consecutively?

(a) Tarun Gagoi (b) Nitish Kumar

(c) Jayalalitha (d) Mamta Banerjee

(e) None of these

190. Who amongst the following is the winner of Man Booker Prize - 2011?

(a) Andrea Levy (b) Nicola Barker

(c) Tom McCarthy (d) Linda Grant

(e) Philip Roth