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161. Which of the following is correct statement?

(a) Normally no interest is paid on current deposit accounts

(b) Interest is paid on current accounts at the same rate as term deposit accounts

(c) The rate of interest on current account and savings account are the same

(d) No interest is paid on any deposit by the bank.

(e) Savings deposits are the same as current deposits.

162. The Lokayukta of which of the following States had submitted a report on illegal mining of iron are in the State?

(a) Andhra Pradesh (b) Tamil Nadu

(c) Karnataka (d) Orissa

(e) None of these

163. The usual deposit accounts of banks are-

(a) Current accounts, electricity accounts and insurance premium accounts

(b) Current accounts, Post office savings bank accounts and term deposit accounts

(c) Loan accounts, savings bank accounts and term deposit Accounts

(d) Current accounts, savings bank accounts and term deposit accounts

(e) Current bill accounts and term deposit accounts

164. Fixed deposits and recurring deposits are-

(a) repayable after an agreed period.

(b) repayable on demand

(c) not repayable

(d) repayable after death of depositors

(e) repayable on demand or after an agreed period as per bank's choice

165. The countries these days are most worried about the currency war. They are arguing about whose actions harmed the world economy the most. What are the views of the rich countries particularly USA, in this regard?

(A) They feel that it was China who was unwilling to allow he Yuan to rise

(B) They feel that it was India who had snatched Jobs in ost of the European countries and USA. This mad the situation more grim

(C) Some countries feel that it was Japan who allowed swapping of its currency with other nations and created a grim situation in world market.

(a) Only (A) (b) Only (B)

(c) Only(C) (d) All (A), (B) & (C)

(e) None of these

166. Which of the following is NOT a Millennium Goal set by the UNO?

(a) Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

(b) Reduce child mortality

(c) Ensure environmental sustainability

(d) Combat terrorism and bring people in main stream of Society

(e) Achieve universal primary education

167. Financial inclusion means provision of-

(a) financial services namely, payments, remittances, savings, loans and insurance at affordable cost to persons not yet given the same

(b) ration at affordable cost to persons not yet given the same.

(c) house at affordable cost to persons not yet given the same.

(d) food at affordable cost to persons not yet given the same.

(e) education at affordable cost to persons not yet given the same

168. Which of the following Statements containing results of India's recent Census is NOT correct?

(a) Kerala has about 94% literacy, the highest in India.

(b) The Sex Ratio in India is 940

(c) Male literacy' is lower than female literacy in seven most developed states

(d) Uttar Pradesh is the most populous State in India

(e) The population of India has increased by 181 million during the decade 2001-2011

169. Which of the following is known as cross selling by Banks?

(A) Sale of a debit card to a credit card holder

(B) Sale of Insurance policy to a depositor

(C) Issuance of Cash against Cheque presented by a third party

(a) Only(A) (b) Only (B)

(c) Only(C) (d) Both (A) and (C)

(e) All (A), (B) and (C)

170. Angela Merkel was recently in India to receive Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding for the year 2009. What has been her contribution in the international Politics which made her the 'Best Choice' for the award?

(A) She played a major role in restarting negotiations between Russia and USA on 'STAR'.

(B) She initiated 'Health Care Reforms' in Germany and solved problems related to future energy development. '

(C) She played a crucial role in negotiation of the Treaty of Lisbon' and Berlin declaration.

(a) Only (B) and (C) (b) Only (A) and (B)

(c) Only(C) (d) Only (A) and (C)

(e) None of these