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IBPS Exam Paper 2011: Reasoning Paper
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31. It has been reported in recent years that a very large number of seats in the engineering colleges in the country remain vacant at the end of the admission session.

Which of the following may be the probable cause of the above effect?

(a) There has been a considerable decrease in hiring of engineering graduates due to economic slowdown in the recent years

(b) Students have always preferred to complete graduation in three years time instead of four years for engineering.

(c) The Government has recently decided to provide post "qualification professional training to all engineering graduates at its own cost.

(d) There has always been a very poor success rate among the engineering students.

(e) None of the above

32. The condition of the roads in the city has deteriorated considerably during the first two months of monsoon and most of the roads have developed big potholes, Which of the following can be a possible effect of the above cause?

(a) The municipal corporation had repaired all the roads in the city before onset of monsoon with good quality material.

(b) A large number of people have developed spine related injuries after regularly commuting long distances by road within the city.

(c) The municipal corporation has been careful in choosing the contractors for repairing roads in the past.

(d) People always complain about 'potholed roads during the monsoon month

(e) None of the above

33. Majority of the students who appeared in the final examination of postgraduate course in management in the local college have secured first class which is comparatively higher than the performance of students of other management colleges in the state.

Which of the following may indicate that the results are not in line with the general trend?

(a) The students of the local college are qualitatively better than those of other colleges

(b) The authorities of the other management colleges in the state are stricter in their standard of evaluation for their students.

(c) The students of other management colleges in the state performed better than the students of the local college in all the previous examinations.

(d) The local management college recently retrenched many of its regular faculty members

(e) None of the above

34. It has been reported in many leading newspapers that the current year's monsoon may be below the expected level as many parts of the country are still not getting adequate rainfall. Which of the following can be possible fallout of the above situation?

(a) People from those affected areas with less rainfall may migrate to urban areas.

(b) Government may announce ex-gratia payment to all the farmers affected in these areas.

(c) Government may declare these areas as drought affected areas.

(d) People may blame the Government and agitate for not getting adequate water for cultivation.

(e) None of the above.

35. There has been a spate of rail accidents in India in the recent months killing large numbers of passengers and injuring many more. This has raised serious doubts about the railway's capability of providing safety to travellers.

Which of the following statements substantiates the views expressed in the above statement?

(a) Indian Railways has come to be known to provide best passenger comfort in the recent years.

(b) People have no option other than travelling by rail over long distance

(c) The railway tracks at many places have been found to be stressed due to wear and tear in the recent times

(d) Local residents are always the first to provide a helping hand to the passengers in the event of such disasters.

(e) None of the above

36. A few travellers were severely beaten up by villagers recent in a remote rural part of the state as the villagers found the movement of the travellers suspicious. The district authority has sent a police team to nab the culprits.

Which of the following inferences can be drawn from the above statement?

(An inference is something, which is not directly stated but can be inferred from the given facts)

(a) The villagers dislike presence of strangers in their vicinity.

(b) Villagers are generally suspicious in nature.

(c) Travellers prefer to visit countryside

(d) The Government generally provides protection to travellers across the country.

(e) None of the above

37. There has been a considerable drop in sales of four wheelers During the past six months when compared to the number of four wheelers sold during this period last year Which of, the following can be the probable cause of the above phenomenon?

(A) The Government has imposed higher excise duty on four wheelers at the beginning of this year

(B) The petrol prices have risen considerably during the past eight months

(C) The rate of interest on home and car loans have been rising for the past seven months

(a) All (A), (B) and (C)

(b) (A) and (C) Only

(c) (B) and (C) Only

(d) (B) Only

(e) (A) Only

38. There is an alarming trend of skewed sex ratio against women in India during the past decade and situation may get out of hand, if adequate steps are not taken to stop female foeticide which of the following can be an effective step to reverse the trend?

(A) The Government should immediately completely ban use of scanners/sonography on expectant mothers at all health centres

(B) The Government should announce a substantial incentive scheme for couples who have at least one girl child.

(C) The Government should launch a nationwide campaign to create awareness against female foeticide.

(a) (A) only

(b) (A) and (B) Only

(c) (B) and (C) Only

(d) All (A), (B) and (C)

(e) None of these

39. A very large number of technically qualified young Indians are coming out of colleges every year though there are not enough opportunities for them to get gainful employment. Which of the following contradicts the views expressed in the above statement?

(a) Technically qualified persons are far superior to those with standard degrees like BA/ B.Sc / B.Com. etc.

(b) The Government has not done effective perspective planning for engaging technically qualified personnel while authorising the setting up of technical colleges.

(c) A huge gap exists between the level of competence of technically qualified graduates and requirement of the industry.

(d) Majority of the technically qualified persons are migrating from India to developed countries for better opportunities.

(e) None of the above

40. The Government has appealed to all citizens to use potable water judiciously as there is an acute shortage in supply. Excessive use may lead to huge scarcity in future months. Which of the assumptions is implicit in the above statement?

(An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted)

(a) People may ignore the appeal and continue using water as per their consideration.

(b) Government may be able to tap those who do not respond to the appeal.

(c) Government may be able to put in place alternate sources of water in the event of a crisis situation.

(d) Large number of people may positively respond to the Government's appeal and help tide over the crisis.

(e) Only poor are going to suffer from this shortage of water supply.


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