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Answer the questions 11 to 15 after reading through the following passage. Base your answers on information that is either stated or implied in the passage.

A weather map is an important tool for geographers. A succession of three or four maps presents a continuous picture of weather changes. Weather forecasters are able to determine the speed of air masses and fronts; to determine whether an individual pressure area is deepening, or becoming shallow and whether a front is increasing or decreasing in intensity. They are also able to determine whether an air mass is retaining its original characteristics or taking on those of the surface over which it is moving. Thus a most significant function of the map is to reveal a synoptic picture of conditions in the atmosphere at a given time.

All students of geography should be able to interpret a weather map accurately. Weather maps contain enormous amount of information about weather conditions existing at the time of observation over a large geographical area. They reveal in a few minutes what otherwise would take hours to describe. The United States weather bureau issues information about approaching storms, Hoods, frost, droughts and all climatic conditions in general. Twice a month it issues a 30 day “outlook” which is at rough guide to weather conditions likely to occur over broad areas of United States. These 30 day outlooks are based upon an analysis of the upper air levels which often set the stage for the development of air masses, fronts and storms.

Considerable effort is being exerted lo achieve more accurate weather predictions. With the use of electronic instruments and earth satellites, enormous gains have taken place recently in identifying and tracking storms over regions which are but few meteorological stations. Extensive experiments are also in progress for weather modifications studies but the limitation of weather modifications have prevented meteorological results except in the seeding of super cooled, up slope mountains winds which have produced additional orographic precipitation on the Windward side of mountain ranges. Nevertheless, they have provided a clearer understanding of the fundamentals of weather elements.

11. One characteristic of weather maps not mentioned by the author in the passage is
(A)Barometric Pressure (B) Fronts (C) Thermal Changes (D) Frost (E) Wind Speed

12. The 30 day forecast is determined by examining
(A) Daily Weather Maps (B) Upper Air Levels (C) Satellite Reports (D) Changing Fronts (E) Synoptic Pictures

13. The observation of weather conditions by satellites is advantageous because it
(A) It is modern (B) Uses electronic instruments (C) Enables man to alter weather D) Makes weather prediction easier (E) Give the scientist information not obtained readily otherwise

14. A weather map is synoptic because it

(A) Summarizes a great deal of information (B) Appears Daily (C) Shows changing fronts (D) Can be interpreted accurately (E) Is prepared by weather bureau

15. At the present time, experiments are being conducted in
(A)Manipulating weather (B)Determining density of pressure groups (C) Satellites (D) 30 day "Outlooks" (E) Controlling storms