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Companies Placement Papers - Infosys
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Infosys Paper on 15 December 2009 at Coimbatore- Analytical reasoning
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18. Ranju is at a fixed point, from where she goes 20 metres towards West. From there she goes 10 metres towards Notrh. Then she goes 35 metres towards East and after this she goes 5 metres towards South and in the end she goes 15 metres towards West. How far is she from the fixed point?
A) 5 km
B) 0 km
C) 10 km
D) Can not be determined
E) None of these

19. A man walks 15m towards South from a fixed point. From there he goes 12 m towards North and then 4 m towards West. How far and in what direction is he from the fixed point?
A) 3 m, South
B) 7 m, South-West
C) 5 m, South-West
D) 5 m, South-East
E) None of these

20. Ranjan goes 5 km towards North from a fixed point. Then he goes 3 km after turning to his right. After this he goes 5 km turning to his right. In the end he goes 4 km after turning to his left. How far and in what direction is he now from the fixed point?
A) 4 km, West
B) 7 km, East
C) 9 km, East
D) 7 km, West
E) None of these

Directions Question 21 to2 4 : Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given it.

i) Jayant, Kama, Namitha, Asha and Tanmay are five members of the family.
ii) They have their birth dates from January to May, each member in one of these months
iii) Each one likes one particular item for his/her birthday out of Bengali Sweets, Chocolates, Pastries, Ice Cream and Dry Fruits
iv) The one who likes Pastries is born in the month which is exactly middle in the months given
v) Asha does not like Ice cream but brings Chocolates for Jayant in February.
vi) Tanmay who is fond of Bengali sweets in born in the next month immediately after Namitha
vii) Namita does not like Dry fruits or Ice cream

21. What is the choice of Asha?
A) Pastries
B) Dry fruits
C) Dry fruits
D) Cannot be determined
E) None of these

22. Which combination of month and item is true for Jayant?
A) March- Pastries
B) February - Pastries
C) February - Ice cream
D) Cannot be determined
E) None of these

23. What is the choice of Kamal?
A) Ice Cream
B) Bengali sweets
C) Dry fruits
D) Cannot be determined
E) None of these

24. In which month was Kamal born?
A) January
B) may
C) January or May
D) Data inadequate
E) None of these

25. If in a certain code "RANGE" is coded as 12345 and "RANDOM" is coded as 123678, then the code for the word "MANGO" would be
A) 82357

Directions 26-30 : The table below shows the unit sales of the TT950 motorcycle in six European countries over a six month period. These motorcycles are imported into each country by a main dealer. Use this information to answer the following questions.

26. What percentage of the overall total was sold to the German importer?
A) 22.0
B) 25.4
C) 25.8
D) 24.1
E) 24.6

27. What percentage of the overall total was sold in May?
A) 24.1
B) 25.6
C) 27.1
D) 17.9
E) 20.3

28.Which month showed the biggest increase in total sales from the previous month?
A) Feb
B) Mar
C) Apr
D) May
E) Jun

29.What percentage of the monthly total was sold to the biggest importer in February?
A) 24.7
B) 23.1
C) 36.5
D) 51.1
E) 15.1

30. What is the average number of units per month imported into Italy over the first four months of the year?
A) 22
B) 23
C) 24
D) 25
E) 26

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