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Boards Exam Papers - CBSE Board
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CBSE 2009 - Class 10 - English Language and Literature Paper (Outside-Delhi Set-1)
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SECTION–B (Writing) (20 marks)

3. Your sister has just got engaged and will get married during the summer holidays. Write a letter to your friend, Sharad, who ‘is in Shimla, informing him about the ceremony and insisting upon him to keep himself entirely free at least for a week, for the occasion. You are Kamal/Kamla, of 132, Vijay Complex, Mayur Vihar, Delhi. 8


The road of your colony was repaired a few months back. It gave way to the first spell of rains resulting in deep pits at several places. Write a letter to the Chief Engineer of the Public Works department asking him to get it urgently repaired to prevent risk to the people. You are Kamna/Kartik living at 15, Mansarovar

Apartments, Delhi.

4. Cars, motorbikes and other vehicles have been increasing day by day. They, along with industrial development, are causing a lot of air pollution, not only in big cities but also in small towns and even on hills. Write an article, in about 80 words, on air pollution. 8


Morning Assembly is one of the most important part of school activities; The day in school begins with it. Using the hints given below, write a paragraph in about 80 words on ‘The Importance of Morning Assembly in Schools’.

School begins with it -presence of all students and teachers brings dignity - inculcates discipline, punctuality, good conduct, cleanliness etc. -activities such as speeches, cultural items lead to participation of all students -sets the tone/atmosphere for the whole day.

5. N.C.C. cadets of your school participated in’ a training camp. Mentioning the number of participants, activities of the camp, qualities such as discipline, self-confidence, spirit of adventure developed during the training, write a report in about 60 words for your school magazine. You are Raman/Rama, Senior Cadet,

N.C.C. of Arunodaya , Sr. Sec. School, Guwahati. 4


On the World Child Labour Day, your school worked for the cause of those children who labour as cleaners on roads, at roadside enteries, in hazardous industries etc. Mentioning the efforts made by the students in identifying such children in your area and getting them freed from there, write a report in about 60 words. You are Manoj/Manju, Head Boy / Head Girl of Mamta Sr. Sec. School, Sarojini N agar, Delhi.